🎃NCT Halloween Manito🎃 | Making Halloween treat bags


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  1. Kavindya Opanayake より:

    To me, hendary and xioajun are the most authentic actors.they imitated thier characters so well. Specially venom, the way he acted is soo similar to the movie character venom.
    All others are doing grate job too.you know, NCT always do any kind of content from the bottom of their heart.( just like Yuta said).they enjoyed it themselves before enjoying us.That’s the secret of thier success.

  2. Chandni より:

    Johnny and Taeil is such a perfect combo, their antics never waver, they are hilarious even without trying lol

  3. J より:

    Taeyong is insanely handsome, I’m so obsessed with him these days and there’s Jungwoo who shuts down all the girls because of his visuals, how come he’s so beautiful?! Life is unfair!

  4. Revil より:

    i need jungwoo’s wig immediately

  5. Hesti Ayu Makrufah より:

    Xiaojun and Hendery are the funniest guys ever hahah just another level of crazy

  6. Rizki Amalia より:

    if Jigsaw hadn’t spoken, I probably wouldn’t have believed he was Shotaro

  7. faithslayer500 より:

    Edward getting jealous of Bella’s attention to Kun’s pumpkin is hilarious

  8. Aku Obi より:

    Taeyong as Edward is kind of making my heart race~ seeing Jungwoo pulling off epic couple costumes makes me want to have a Halloween partner. Also, Hendery and Xiaojun are so funny, going all in character with the notes and the way they’re on the same vibe.

  9. Claudia PAD より:

    SUNGTARO is the cutest duo please give them a channel-

  10. bubble playlist より:

    I like how Johnny and Taeil never miss a chance to crack jokes while serving a poker face when they’re together.

  11. eunhae♥kino より:

    Putting Jaehyun and Haechan together is *LETHAL*

  12. ren より:

    Johnny : Why are you copying me?
    Taeil : You are the one who copying me.

    Only Taeil can do this to Johnny, not even Mark.